Help keep the COVID-19 Live Dispatch Series running through the pandemic!

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, prisons and jails have become the deadliest places in America. Advocates and government agencies are grappling with how to prevent a catastrophe. That's why we've launched the COVID-19 Dispatch series to provide accurate information, first-hand perspectives, and urgent calls to action from around the country. To date, tens of thousands of people have participated – from loved ones with family behind bars to grass-tops leaders and grassroots activists on the frontlines of the crisis. But without a steady flow of resources, we won't be able to sustain this series through the pandemic. Will you chip in today to keep this critical conversation going?

So far, we've produced six episodes of this series:

  1. Dispatch #1 - Stopping a Prison Pandemic & Conditions of Confinement
  2. Dispatch #2 - Faith Over Fear, a Faith Leaders Town Hall
  3. Dispatch #3 - Gratitude, Grace, & Giving ft. Topeka K. Sam and guests
  4. Dispatch #4 - San Quentin Mixtape Premiere Celebration
  5. Dispatch #5 - Justice & Policing in America
  6. Dispatch #6 - 2nd Chances to 1st Opportunities

Nearly 4,500 people registered for the series so far and 215,000 people have tuned in on social media – and that's only six episodes in!

This series has the potential to spread hope, critical information, and urgent education to people who need it most right now. Will you chip in to help us produce another episode?