Dream Corps: #cut50

Never has the fight for freedom been more urgent. The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping across prisons and causing more casualties with each passing day. We need to fight harder than ever for those left behind and locked behind bars. Join #cut50 and Kim Kardashian in the fight for justice. Here's a snapshot of the criminal justice work you can help Kim fight for:

  • We work with Governors, the White House and other lawmakers to push for clemency for deserving men and women. Our campaign during Obama's historic clemency initiative helped achieve 1,700 total commutations. Under President Trump, we have successfully kept strong momentum for clemency and freed even more deserving men and women.
    With your help, we can grant clemency to thousands more.
  • We've already helped 30,000 incarcerated women reclaim dignity in 11 states.
    With your help, we can reach women incarcerated in 39 more states.

  • We've pioneered alternatives to incarceration that rehabilitate and heal instead of exacerbating the underlying causes of crime through punishment.
    With your help, we can keep even more of our neighbors where they belong – in our communities – and prevent irreversible damage to their families.  

  • We've passed historic criminal justice reform legislation like the First Step Act. 
    With your help, we can reach further across the aisle to change hearts and minds across America and pass even more reforms benefitting people in prison.

 Join Kim Kardashian and #cut50 in continuing this fight for criminal justice reform. This is a critical period for our neighbors behind bars, and it's going to take all of us to prevent any more COVID-19 deaths in our prisons. 

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