Dream Corps

Many Americans want to just go “back to normal”to life before the pandemic and the protests. But millions more know that the old normal was unacceptable.

This is our moment to strike against the dark legacy of racism, unite, and forge a path forward. Dream Corps is committed to rebuilding America better than before:

Dream Corps JUSTICE (formerly #cut50) is working to stop a prison pandemic and ensure the safety of surrounding communities as correctional facilities turn into COVID-19 hotbeds. With a worsening economic crisis, #cut50 is also fighting to ensure economic justice for people locked out of jobs, housing, and financial support as a result of their criminal records.

Dream Corps Green For All is fighting to ensure COVID-19 relief efforts prioritize the communities who were struggling before the crisis hit and building common ground toward a sustainable, equitable economy.

Dream Corps TECH opens doors of opportunity to the tech sector for people of color by cultivating future tech leaders and entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. This pipeline of diverse talent will shift the culture of the tech sector and our economy. 

Your contribution to Dream Corps will support and protect the communities hardest hit during this crisis and help us create a post-crisis future that is better than before.

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