Columbia, SC

When: Thursday, March 31st, 1:00 p.m.
Directions to event: Event is Virtual: The Link to log in will be sent out to all registered for event.


SC4 Restorative Justice in partnership with Dream Corps Justice’s 6th National Day of Empathy aims to humanize the incarcerated population of South Carolina while paying our respects to any of the loved ones and families impacted by harm.

This Program aims to be all inclusive and we hope that every person who sees the need for Criminal Justice Reform across the state registers to engage in our virtual program. We hope that our works will deploy changed mindsets and spark new ideas that can meet the aims of justice on a more holistic level, which includes giving hope to the Incarcerated population to initiate change in their lives that enables them to be productive returning citizens upon release.

This is a start of a campaign for true second chance sentencing reform that calls for new sentencing guidelines in the state of South Carolina. We propose new guidelines that will afford incarcerated people the opportunity to earn work credits and good time off their sentence after a certain amount of time has been served while making no distinction of violent and nonviolent categorizations of offenses. We also propose the repeal and replacing of LWOP sentencing for first-time and habitual offenders in certain cases with a chance for future sentence modifications by judicial review. We call for the compassionate release of elderly offenders who've served 30 years or more and are 55 years old and older. We are looking to deploy and assist in the creation of a realistic solution-oriented criteria to help better serve incarcerated people's return back to society through greater utilization of our state's parole system.

We envision this event being a springboard for social engagement and education on how mass incarceration impacts the lives of our communities. At best we are looking towards expanding the concept and utility of justice beyond retribution and punishment to one of restoration and healing.

Empathy Network advocates and organizers across our nation will seek to explore the role of empathy in changing existing policies and practices in our criminal legal system. By registering for this #DayofEmpathy event, your email will be shared with Dream Corps, the event organizer, and their affiliated organization.

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