Senate: Pass The Moving Forward Act to Create Jobs & Rebuild America

Our nation’s infrastructure is aging and the impacts of climate change only make this problem worse, especially for communities that are already overburdened and underinvested in. 

The Moving Forward Act is the roadmap we need to jumpstart investment in a clean energy economy and tackle environmental injustices. This legislation includes a $1.5 trillion plan to rebuild American infrastructure—not only our roads, bridges, and transit systems, but also our schools, housing, broadband access, and much more.

The House has already passed this critical legislation.

Add your name and send a message to ensure the Senate passes The Moving Forward Act.

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Dear Senator:

I support H.R. 2, The Moving Forward Act to invest in public transit, clean up pollution from ports, create good green jobs, and improve infrastructure and broadband access for communities that have been historically underinvested in. 

As introduced, the bill includes strong provisions such as the INVEST Act and the Climate Smart Ports Act. I strongly support these provisions and urge you to include them, along with these priorities, in this infrastructure package: 

  • We must support funding for community solar and weatherization assistance programs. These vital programs create jobs, make homes more comfortable and save residents money on their utility bills. They are also critical to combating climate change.
  • Invest in direct grants and programs for building healthy, safe, and more resilient communities. These grants must go to people of color, Tribes and Native American communities, and low-income communities that have suffered the direct impacts of disinvestment, racial injustice, economic injustice, and climate injustice.  
  • Ensure that the investments made from this bill will deliver quality, family-sustaining jobs and benefits to workers and communities by prioritizing local hiring programs and expanding access to jobs for people who face barriers to employment because of their criminal history.

I urge you to move forward and vote on the Moving America Forward Act in the Senate and oppose any amendments that weaken funding for these programs. This U.S. House has already demonstrated the leadership and vision needed to tackle the economic, infrastructure, and climate crises we are facing. The Senate must act.

Please vote "YES" and pass the Moving Forward Act to improve mobility, health, and economic opportunity for all Americans.

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