General Motors, Toyota, and Fiat Chrysler sided with the Trump administration's attack on clean car standards and the Clean Air Act.

These automakers have formally filed in court to support the Trump administration's illegal and dangerous attack on state authority, clean air, and climate progress. This move puts our communities at risk. Tailpipe emissions are toxic to our health and Black & Brown communities are hit first and worst.

Clean car standards are supported by a majority of Americans who want cleaner air, a stable climate, and to save money at the gas pump. State authority to carry out more protective clean car standards has a decades-long record of bi-partisan support.

If the Trump administration succeeds in rolling back clean car standards, it would lead to billions of tons of additional pollution, cost Americans about $460 billion in lost fuel savings, and prevent the creation or cause the elimination of between 89,000 and 202,000 jobs nationally.

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We strongly disapprove of your company’s support of the Trump administration's illegal and dangerous attack on state authority, clean air, consumer savings, and climate progress. Your company picked the wrong side--lining up against what’s best for my family’s health, our planet, and my wallet.

Now is the time for your company to reverse course and reject President Trump's misguided attempt to roll back the clean car standards and attack state authority. We call on your company to immediately withdraw from the litigation against state clean car standards and invest in innovation instead of litigation. We need cleaner cars--not Trump’s indefensible and dangerous rollback.
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