Tell your Governor: Re-opening the economy must go hand in hand with strengthening protections for those who are most vulnerable.

As Governors consider reopening the economy, it is imperative that we protect those individuals and communities most vulnerable and at risk for COVID-19. We can’t risk going back to “normal” when “normal” helped get us here. 

Add your name to urge your Governor to adopt these conditions for re-opening!

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Dear Governor,

As more businesses and institutions begin to reopen, I urge you to take these steps to protect public health and require businesses to meet strong health and safety standards:

Step 1: Safe workplaces

  • Expand COVID-19 testing and make it broadly available 
  • Ensure sufficient equipment (including PPE) and capacity to health workers and hospitals
  • Require businesses to follow CDC guidelines and best practices 

Step 2: Safe Commutes

  • Allocate additional resource to public transit agencies to ensure transit workers have PPE 
  • Support transit agencies in developing and implementing plans for safe workplace and service including safe distancing, sanitation and ventilation. 

Step 3: Safe Communities

  • Strengthen environmental protections and enforcement 
  • Invest in green infrastructure and job creation 

Step 4: Equitable Access to Healthcare 

  • Increase funding for communities and facilities hit hardest.
  • Release low-risk vulnerable individuals from prisons. 

Step 5: Fair Access to Relief and Recovery 

  • End discrimination in relief programs. 
  • Provide job placement and training to get people back to work. 
  • Provide emergency support until the emergency is over.

This crisis has reinforced that we are all interconnected and we are only as strong as the most vulnerable among us. I urge you to ensure these pre-conditions are met before allowing businesses to re-open. We must protect those individuals and communities most vulnerable and at risk for COVID-19. 

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