The air you breathe shouldn't make you sick. 

But for too many Connecticut residents, that's the reality. Those who live near busy streets and freeways are being exposed to toxic pollution from heavily polluting vehicles that cause asthma, cancer, heart attack, and premature death.  

Senate Bill 931 focuses on reducing pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses. It's a crucial first step towards improving public health across the state — especially in low-income communities and communities of color that are too often on the frontlines of transportation pollution.

Sign now to support clean air in Connecticut! 

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Tell State Lawmakers: Pass SB 931 and reduce air pollution from medium & heavy duty vehicles!

I am a concerned constituent writing to ask you to pass SB 931: An Act Concerning Emissions Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. 

Heavy-duty vehicles make up only 4% of vehicles on US roads but contribute close to 30% of global warming emissions and 45% and 57% respectively of NOx and PM2.5 pollution that increases the risk of asthma, heart attack, death from COVID-19, and other health issues. This vehicular pollution especially harms low-income communities and communities of color who are more likely to live near heavily trafficked areas, such as freight hubs and highways.

Adopting strong medium and heavy-duty vehicle standards is imperative to begin addressing these historic disparities in pollution exposure while also generating significant economic and climate benefits across the state. This policy will be crucial to marshall needed investments, infrastructure, and planning for a pollution-free transportation sector.

Please pass SB 931 to reduce health disparities, reduce greenhouse gas pollution, and spur the market for zero-emission vehicles in Connecticut for years to come.

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