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Apply for the Empathy Network Leaders Fund!

Apply for a small grant of up to $2,500 for scaling your work in the reform space.  The criteria that an individual or their organization must meet to be eligible for funding are:

-Must be directly impacted by the criminal justice system 
-A member of our Empathy Network
-Must have engaged with Dream.Org's Justice team and our work for 6 months or more
-Have at least a 1-2  year documented history of working as a reform advocate
-Be willing to present a 3-5 slide deck & a one-pager in a 10-15 minute oral presentation on how funds will be used. 
-Be willing to list Dream.Org as a sponsor on your website (if applicable) or any social media, promotional materials, or acknowledgments. 
-Be willing to follow up with Dream.Org within 30 days of the sponsored event or program’s conclusion to share the results.

Grant process:

-The maximum grant for the Fiscal Year 2023 (January - December) is $2,500 per organization. 
-The Justice team will respond to applications within 30 days. 
-The Justice team will issue grants until the Fund has been depleted, at which point it will ask applicants to wait until Fiscal Year 2024. 

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