On each Day of Empathy, we pledge in solidarity with our incarcerated community members. Add your name and join us by going live from your own social channel and taking the pledge at next year's Day of Empathy!

With empathy, understanding, and love, we can build the political will needed to rectify the damage caused by the incarceration industry on individuals, families, and our society. 

Here’s the pledge we urge you to take: 

I pledge to be a positive influence on my friends, family, and community.

I promise to listen with an open heart, without judgment.

I give my word to speak with sincerity and kindness.

When I am challenged, I will see the humanity in others.

I commit to recognizing and checking my privileges.

I understand that we come from different backgrounds.

I vow to pay attention to our societal needs.

I will choose love when things get hard.

I pledge to choose empathy.

Join others like you who have chosen empathy by adding your name to the Empathy Pledge. We'll send you a reminder when it's time to take the pledge in solidarity with our incarcerated neighbors on the next Day of Empathy. 

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