Countless people rely on public transit to get to work, pick up groceries, and care for loved ones—even if it means exposure to COVID-19. Black and Brown communities that disproportionately rely on transit suffer even more.

But while COVID-19 has exposed the inequity in our public transportation system, it also created an opportunity to rebuild better than before.

Now, we need to build a movement of transit workers, riders, and supporters of public transit, dedicated to ensuring our communities have access to economic opportunities and are safe from COVID-19 and air pollution.

Take the #SafeTransit pledge and join the movement for equitable and clean transportation now:

I pledge to support a healthy public transportation system.

I understand that my fight for transit equity is essential in my fight for racial equity.

I vow to uplift the stories of public transit workers and riders.

I promise to fight for increased funding for public transit.

I will take action to protect the safety of transit riders and workers. 

I believe that #TransitIsEssential.

When you take the pledge you'll be joining thousands of others who are helping grow the national conversation on the importance of public transit for our society. Add your name today, and we will share ways you can support a public transportation system that is better than before: one that is safe, reliable, and equitable.

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