This is an election season like no other. 

We have all been affected in some way by the global coronavirus pandemic. But too many people hit first and worst by the crisis have found themselves at the back of the line when it comes to recovery solutions. These concerns are compounded by an uncertain election cycle with new voting processes and a lack of clarity around when we will hear accurate results, or from whom. With more people voting absentee than ever before, it could be days, weeks, or months before we know the results. But that is okay - we want a fair election, not a fast one.

While it can be scary, we do have the opportunity to emerge from this moment better than before. Here’s what we can do now:

  1. Vote!! Whether it’s by mail, early voting, or in person, the most valuable thing you can do this election is vote, if you are eligible.
  2. Encourage your friends and family to vote -- studies show that personal conversations are the most effective tool to get the people closest to you to vote. It can be as simple as asking “Do you have a plan to vote?” 
  3. Make sure those votes count! Ask state Election Officials to commit to protecting the integrity of the election.
  4. Wait. Election results are going to take longer this year. Every eligible voter should have their voice heard and their vote counted.  When we take time to count and verify every ballot, it’s a sign that our democracy is working.

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